Our Services

9 Reasons for us to work together

In the respect of rapidity of settlement of disputes and achieve the best results to reach
suitability of commercial transactions, ECITA seeks to offer the following:


Commercial arbitration qualified with neutrality and efficiency on both levels international and domestic according to rules of Egyptian Center for international trade arbitration, through the arbitration tribunal or one arbitrator from the arbitrators list with respect to the parties’ agreement.


The important consulting in the stage of concluding the contract to reach the stage of safe contract  to avoid any disputes after the formation of contract , that’s through group of experts in the field  of drafting national and international contracts.


Arbitration consulting that important for concluding arbitration agreement in case of disputes to avoid corrupt arbitration agreement , international or domestic arbitration agreements through group of arbitration excerpters at  ECITA.


All alternative means of settlement of disputes in good rapidly way from the procedures side, that’s through conciliation committees or reconciliation meetings, beside conclusion of agreements resulted from such conciliation’s.


Special services in the field of Grain Trade through providing assistance in stage of conclusion of all grain trade contracts, in case of disputes ECITA provide arbitration in such field.


Research in legal issues and provide research and studies in arbitration field, in respect to arbitration rules and arbitration laws in different countries whole over the world.


Variety of arbitral services through a set of arbitrators experienced in international and domestic arbitration.


Domestic arbitration with the same qualifications the client find in the international arbitration that to avoid the high cost of international arbitration also the language barrier that may face the local clients.


We conclude number of conferences, workshops and Seminars around the role of arbitration and its importance of arbitration in field of commercial disputes; also provide specialized training courses in the field of arbitration and its procedures, that’s to qualify arbitral cadres able to keep up with the evolving requirements of the investment climate.