About Us

Who are we ??

  • Egyptian Centre for International Trade Arbitration ( ECITA) one of the biggest Legal Centers in the Arab Region in cooperation with The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) and the European Court of Arbitration (CEA), Sharm El – Sheikh International Arbitration Centre – (SHIAC), The Egyptian Center for International Trade Arbitration was established in Cairo to be Arbitration Center provides a unique service in the Middle East as a representative for the largest organization for the Grain and Feed Trade in the world, under the supervision of Counselor Doctor / Samir Gaweed Chairman of the Board (CEO), The Egyptian Center is characterized by a set of qualified jurists and arbitrators, lecturers, consults and experts renowned for their academic expertise in different fields of law generally and arbitration particularly on the international and domestic level, of which :

1- Dr / Yehia El- Gamal – The Honorary Chairman of the Center,
2- Dr. / Mahmoud Samir El- Sharkawy,
3- Dr. / Hazem Gomaa,
4- Dr. / Salah al-Din Safwat Ali El – Nahass copper,
5- Counselor / Ehab Abdel Azim Tariq Ahmed ,
6- Dr. / Adel Abdl El -Aziz El – Sen,
7- Dr. / Ibrahim Mohammed Mohamed El – Anani,
8- Dr. / Ahmed Abdel Zaher ,
9- Mr / Tamer Mustafa Muhammad.

  • The Center field work varies in providing legal consults and international trade arbitration and preparation of training courses with the objective of providing alternative solutions in the field of commercial disputes resolution instead of litigation through international trade arbitration, The Egyptian Center is qualified with several advantages in this field includes a set of flags of arbitration in the Arab world with efficiency and expertise capable of managing arbitration process whether international or domestic from date of entering into arbitration contract by providing prior arbitration consults as well as settling disputes arise thereafter before a qualified arbitral tribunal.

Counselor Doctor / Samir Gaweed Statement ( Board of Director)

  • While the attention of the world were heading to the importance of the role of economy, and developing states and individuals capacity alike, improving standard of living of the individual within different communities, Thereby should be with it care about attracting foreign investments, also encouraging local investments to work on promoting the economy of the state.
  • However, serious investment searching for an appropriate atmosphere, and one of the main elements fit that atmosphere, stability in commercial transactions required by investment generally and commercial cases particularly and it’s one of the main elements to attract investment.
  • Therefore, Arbitration had the most important and positive role in assisting the judicial system to rapidly settle disputes, particularly commercial ones, due to the nature of arbitration in its rapidity of issuing awards which gives arbitration special features distinguish it.
    • We believe that “Who walked on path arrived”, my career in judiciary since 1992 to 2010 offered me an opportunity to recognize all judicial facts from the cradle to the grave, I became fully aware of all individuals requirements and their reservations and types of disputes and its forms.
  • So in addition to joining a lot of specialized international organizations in the field of international arbitration organization GAFTA
  • (GAFTA) in London since 2001 and to date, in addition to obtaining Fellowship of the Arab Union for International Commercial Arbitration and recently joining the membership of the European Court of Arbitration through the center of Sharm el-Sheikh International Commercial Arbitration (SHIAC).
  • There is no doubt that some of these experiences along with the experiences of the rest of the members of the Board of Directors will directly contribute to any rehabilitation center to occupy the foreground and distinguished from the rest of the other centers.

• So I saw with the participation of a group of elite experienced individuals of important experience to establish the Egyptian Center for International Commercial Arbitration (ECITA) to be a leader in the areas of domestic and international arbitration and to serve Investment and investors alike to push the wheel of development.

Our vision

Egyptian Center For International Trade Arbitration (ECITA) seek to be one of the leading centers in the field of settlement of disputes in cooperation with the arbitration centers and international organizations , Although that all the world concerns go through international arbitration ,the Egyptian Center For International Trade Arbitration seeks to give special care for local arbitration to take reputable position beside the international arbitration that’s through establishment of arbitral institution that provide arbitration services on both levels national and international.
Nowadays ECITA seeks to establish first arbitral tribunal for sports in the Arab world to exposed to appeals with regard to sanctions imposed on players or clubs in the area of the Arab world by coordination with International bodies that regulate such issue as FIFA and the World Organization ” Alfbero ” , to take ECITA as their authorized legal representative in Egypt and the area of the Arab world.

Our Mission

ECITA aims to achieve awareness for lawyers and jurists, engineers, accountants and all higher qualifications, businessmen and entrepreneurs with rules of arbitration and its provisions on both levels national and international , also maximums the base of arbitration culture through holding conferences, seminars and training courses to explain and teach the arbitration system and its legal provisions for all who may concern from different fields , And issuing of bulletins and specialized publications , also qualify number of arbitrators practically and theoretically . And make list of the most significant arbitrators at ECITA to be provide to all designated authorities, also make the parties aware with the benefits of arbitration and its practical importance in field of settlement of disputes in the current era and the near future.